Data Handling and Storage Guidelines

We strongly discourage the caching or storage of data. However, if you find it necessary to cache or store data, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Cache Refresh: Ensure that the cached data is refreshed at least once every 24 hours.
  2. Security Measures: Implement robust encryption and other stringent security measures for any stored data.
  3. User Data Deletion: When a user requests the removal of their collected data resulting from their use of our Midashimaya platform, promptly delete such user data unless legal or legitimate business reasons require retention, such as maintaining a continuing contract with the user.

In the event that your access to Midashimaya is terminated, regardless of the reason, you must expeditiously and permanently delete all stored data and related information acquired through your use of Midashimaya. Retaining any copies of this data is prohibited unless mandated by applicable law.

Unauthorized duplication, reproduction, copying, storage, derivation, or translation of data, API documentation, or any information obtained from the data (including but not limited to hashed or transferred data) is strictly prohibited except as expressly allowed under this API Terms.

User Agreement for Your Products

If you offer your products for use by entities external to your organization, you must establish a binding user agreement and privacy policy. These documents should, at minimum:

  1. Identify Midashimaya as the property of Midashimaya.
  2. Mandate that your users or customers adhere to this API Terms while using Midashimaya.
  3. Exclude Midashimaya from liability concerning any usage of the platform.
  4. Acknowledge your full responsibility and liability for offering Midashimaya as part of your products.
  5. Clearly outline your data collection, storage, usage, disclosure, and transfer practices in line with applicable privacy and data protection laws. Your policy should meet or exceed the standards set in our Privacy Policy.

Ownership of Property

All rights, title, interests, and assets related to Midashimaya Brand, API Documentation, Midashimaya platform, and other proprietary resources are the sole property of Midashimaya. Your usage of our property, as outlined in this API Terms, grants you a limited license and does not confer any ownership, rights, interests, or property upon you. Incorporating our Midashimaya into your inventions does not transfer ownership or interest in Midashimaya, even if legal requirements might suggest otherwise.

You agree to perform requested acts and execute documents without compensation, as needed, to establish and perfect Midashimaya’s rights to our property.

Your Warranties

By accepting this API Terms, you represent and warrant that you (and any represented entities) can fully and legally abide by these terms, utilizing Midashimaya without violating any laws, regulations, third-party rights, or existing contracts.

You also undertake not to initiate legal actions or claims against Midashimaya for any damages, losses, or expenses resulting from your use or inability to use our property. You acknowledge that Midashimaya reserves the right to modify these terms and the platform itself without notice, and you agree to these changes by continuing to use Midashimaya.

Exclusions, Disclaimers, and Limitations of Liability

Our property, including Midashimaya, is provided “as is” and “as available,” without any warranties of any kind. Midashimaya expressly disclaims all warranties, including but not limited to merchantability, title, fitness for a particular purpose, security, and non-infringement.

You acknowledge that Midashimaya does not guarantee uninterrupted, timely, accurate, secure, error-free access to our property, nor the functions or results derived from using it. Midashimaya will not be liable for indirect, consequential, or punitive damages or claims exceeding fees paid in the past six months. Your recourse for adverse changes is to terminate your use.

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Midashimaya from third-party claims related to your product usage, breach of API Terms, and acknowledge our right to modify terms and the platform with your continued usage.